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Following on from her critically acclaimed ‘lost’ album ‘Malaria’, Robyn Loau has released her new full-length album Only Human. Exploring themes of redemption, sexuality, school bullying, infidelity and gun control, Only Human documents a dark, cinematic journey through the life and imagination of Robyn Loau.
Showcasing Loau’s trademark vocal venom are songs including the controversial Columbine-inspired dance track Hard, soul-baring redemption song Only Human, pop/rock gold-digging anthem Piggy Bank Boy and the driving pop/rock of Never Let You Down featuring former Nine Inch Nails drummer Alex Carapetis.
Only Human’s opening track I Surrender teams Loau up with her Sick With Love collaborator Adamski, while other tracks on the album feature production input from the likes of Josh Abrahams and Davide Carbone, Robert Conley, Louis Schoorl, Tony Cvetkovski and Robyn Loau herself. The album’s centerpiece is a daring Future Sound Of Melbourne produced interpretation of the 1978 Kate Bush epic Wuthering Heights.
Although the core of the album was written by Loau (with help from Josh Abrahams, Cameron McGlinchey and members of the Resin Dogs), surprisingly, one of the albums tender songs Home was co-written by the UK’s fiercest rock diva and Skunk Anansie front woman, Skin.
For the Only Human project Robyn has been collaborating with acclaimed Australian photographers and Belgian graphic design house Bumbledum. The striking, provocative artwork for the Only Human LP features photography by award winning Australian photographer Daniel Linnet and the forthcoming single artwork for Wuthering Heights features photography by internationally renowned fashion and celebrity photographer Peter Brew Bevan.
Robyn’s past lives have seen her impact Australian pop culture as lead singer of girl group Girlfriend (Australia’s blueprint for the Spice girls), as star of films such as Idiot Box and Somewhere in the Darkness and as the face and voice of Pacific Island soul/dance opus Siva Pacifica.

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