Jane Walker – Walk Gently on the Earth

“I like the fact that if we are not greedy, we have an abundant universe” (Jane Walker)

GoSet Music  is proud to announce the release to Australian radio of Sydney singer/songwriter Jane Walker’s new single, Walk Gently on the Earth from her album Walk Gently. 

The song has inspired Frankie Bouchier, a 13-year-old environmental campaigner to edit a Youtube video featuring images of plastic pollution from around the world in contrast with images of pristine Australian wilderness. Images and footage have been donated from Ocean Recovery Alliance, Tangaroa Blue Foundation, Richard Green Photography and include the footsteps of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Walk Gently on the Earth has also inspired leading eco-cosmetics company, Vanessa Megan to create with Jane the new Walk Gently on the Earth Body Spray (recently profiled in the Sunday Telegraph, 21/10/12). Sales of both the song and natural fragrance contribute a percentage of profits back to the environment via the international charity Ocean Recovery Alliance, which is dedicated to cleaning up the world’s oceans and waterways.

“Jane Walker’s song, Walk Gently on the Earth, is a call to care for the environment and ourselves.’ Says Vanessa Gray, founder of the Vanessa Megan range.

Produced by Barb Griffin (Sony), co-produced by Jane and mixed by David Hemming, the song is energized with a potent mix of textures and influences, featuring jazz musician Stu Hunter on Wurlitzer, Middle Eastern percussion by Giosofatto “Jess” Ciampa, bass by James Haselwood and the drumming virtuosity of Sydney’s finest groovemeister, Hamish Stuart. The recording also features Sanskrit chanting from the Upanishads, with the message that we are all connected, and the world has enough for everyone if we just take our share.

The song is available on the album Walk Gently at www.janewalker.com.au/store and on iTunes. The Walk Gently On the Earth Body Spray is available from Jane’s website, Vanessa Megan, Natural Progressions store, Bondi Beach and the aboutlife stores.


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